Monday, December 12, 2005

Welcome to my world

With so many blogs out there, you may be thinking to yourself, "all we need is another sports and life commentary blog". That is probably true, but my voice has been silent for too long and it is time too get out some of the opinions I have been harboring for a quarter of a century. A little background: I am from the panhandle of Florida and graduated from Georgia Tech in 2003. I was commissioned as a Signal Officer in the United States Army and am currently serving with the 101st Airborne Division.

This blog will be first and foremost about Georgia Tech sports, secondly about collegiate athletics in general, and lastly, general thoughts about life that I am just tired of keeping to myself. I will be the primary poster, but like-minded friends of mine will drop by and submit from time to time. I hope it is enjoyable for everyone.



Blogger Stumpy's Bear said...

What does "life inside a Yellow Jacket" feel like?

5:27 PM  

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