Monday, December 19, 2005

Reggie Bush to Go Pro?

I don't think this should really surprise anyone, but according to this ESPN article, Reggie Bush will more than likely enter into the draft this year. While this doesn't particularly affect me, I am happy because hopefully USC will be able to play like a normal team next year and maybe, dare I say it, lose a few games. I know people, it happens. This will finally knock the PAC-10 off of their high horse for a couple of years. Does anyone care about west coast football anyway? It is like watching an NBA game, no team defense, just a bunch of one on one matchups. With USC back to winning, say only 9 or 10 games a year, maybe the rest of the PAC 10 will have a little less room on those coattails to ride and maybe they might even fall off and come to grips with reality. The PAC 10 is just not that good. USC might have been keeping them respectable these last few years, and they do have a bunch of exciting players to watch, but in regards to the teams, there is just something missing.

When your best team can't even sell out their stadium week in and week out and your next best two teams wear powder blue and yellow and green in the worst combination humans could have possibly come up with, you have a problem. Did anyone else watch that College Gameday from the USC-UCLA game? Did anyone else get the feeling that those fans had probably just come straight from a rave and figured, "hey what the heck, we're number one, might as well try and get on tv." Could the PAC 10 even fill an 11 man defensive all star team? There are definite issues with PAC 10 football and this string of Southern Cal dominance has covered them up from the light of public exposure for too long. Congratulations to Reggie Bush, and here's hoping that USC comes down to earth just long enough for the PAC 10 and the rest of the interested world to see west coast football in its true light. -yb


Blogger Stumpy's Bear said...

I'm not surprised by this, but a little disapointed in him b/c he was so grateful to Leinart for staying and helping his career. I mean, shouldn't he have then done this for someone else?
I'm glad he's gone. Please tell me USC's reign of supremacy is over. I like to see the traditional powers succeed (especially Tech and no, Georgia you are NOT a traditional power), but I hate to see any team dominate. Get them out of here.One positive that came out of this was a renewed belief that a program that has been lying dormant can get thier acts together any given season and go on a tear DESPITE academic limitations.

2:33 PM  
Blogger YellowBlazer said...

What academic limitations does USC have again? They have a Ballroom dancing class! Just because a school is generally regarded as a good school does not equal academic limitations. Academic limitations are a combination of high entrance requirements and a narrow course offering. USC also is in the perfect setup. They have got to be the largest American city without a pro football team. They are it. I am glad they don't suck anymore, but don't pretend like they have had a tough road back.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Stumpy's Bear said...

I understand that Georgia Tech is unique b/c of the limited number of majors, which is really just an obstacle not something to be proud of. USC is a full four places in front of us and arguably has just as good or better reputation. BTW, I've never known Tech to be hard to get into, competitive, but not hard. What's your point?

4:43 PM  
Anonymous The Authority said...

cant sell out their stadium?

They averaged about 90,000 this year for home games.

Pac 10 is probably the third toughest conference too.

How about you talk about how overrated the SEC is.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How hard is it to sell out the stadium when you're on a 3-year undefeated streak on your way to a NC? Once they lose a game the hype will die - quickly.

5:06 PM  
Anonymous The Authority said...

once they lose a game, the hype will die at USC just as it does EVERYWHERE else.

what does that prove?

5:20 PM  
Blogger YellowBlazer said...

I think part of the hype around this USC team has been the combination of personalities. Leinart, Bush, and company are all disbanding after this season, and we should see some unfamiliar names out there next fall. I am not saying they are going to get dominated next year, but part of the reason this year was so special was the personalities and that will be gone.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Z said...

I agree with Yellowblazer...USC has no academic limitations. They have one of the most desirable markets in sports (come and become part of the LA scene), athelete friendly education dsciplines, and they recruit the best players in the country. Maybe it's a coincidence and all the USA Today National Players of the Year are also great students. Plus, USC's admittance standards (for regular students) are pretty high because they are a private school, not becasue they are MIT.
(SEC is not overrated, your tune may change if you ever join us one day...leave the ACC and come home)

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right but I'm talking straospheric hype where Vince Vaughan takes you out to lunch type of hype. Only at USC do you get that kind of stuff. ESPN feeds on that kind of stuff and amplifies the hype. Kind of like the annoying "David Greene and David Pollock played Pop Warner football together in Snellville" type of hype, but on a much larger and more ridiculous scale.

Last time there was this much hype? I dunno, maybe Fab 5 or something...

3:55 PM  
Blogger Stumpy's Bear said...

Hey, did you know that David Greene and David Pollack sang "Back Where I Come From" on stage at the Kenny Chesney concert?

To quote sinewaylaw, "Go Dawgs!"

3:57 PM  

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