Thursday, December 15, 2005

To those Ping Pongs who took our spot, you know who you are...

Look, I think we all understand your desire to have a keg while pregaming, but your presence in my tailgating area screwed the whole thing up. For the first half of the season, you were content to pregame in your fraternity house and the tailgating world near the Rusty "C" was in balance. There was room for everyone who wanted to tailgate along 5th Street. But then, halfway through last season, you decided all of a sudden that you wanted to take up space along my street. You live on campus so you get out there the night before and screw up the whole order of things. You brought like two people to your tailgate, most of the people there were just filling up their beer glass and walking back over to your house. What a waste.

As a former fraternity member, I appreciate the fact that at a certain point, pregaming in the house gets a bit old. Also, I further understand that the law against public alcohol containers in student housing also puts a damper on things. But you need to understand how important tailgating is to those of us who are not currently in school. We have no home on campus anymore, that piece of grass we occupy 6 Saturdays a year is the closest thing. Most tailgaters go to the same spot every week and generally these spots are allocated during the tailgate for the first home game. As you can imagine, some of us are very territorial when it comes to our spot. You already have a home on campus. Please leave us with ours.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not mad that you got out there earlier and ruined everyones tailgate. That shows an initiative for which you should be commended. But likewise you cannot expect us who have worked so hard to finally get a spot we can call our own to sit idly by while you trample on everything we hold dear, take up valuable real estate, and ruin the natural order of things just so you and your three friends Lewis, Lamar, and Booger can circumvent the campus alcohol policy!

Luckily for you, I was deployed to Iraq all year and could only listen in horror as my friends recounted tales of your egregious violations of tailgate etiquette. But next season I will be there, my friends, fresh from a year of bringing democracy to the Middle East. I will be ready to defend my tailgating spot as ably as I defended your freedom all this past year. You are Georgia Tech students, so you are undoubtably smart. Unless you enjoy fighting battles you cannot possibly win, stay on your side of the street. Stay in your house, the grass along 5th Street by the Rusty C is our house. You have been warned.


Blogger whiskey jacket said...

While yellowblazer claims that he is not mad at you for ruining everyone else's tailgating, I am. It would be one thing if you took one of the prime tailgating spots on all of Ma Tech's campus and put it to good use, but you have not shown that you can execute a proper southern tailgate. You are a disgrace to all who walk by, and you must be stopped. A keg of beer, 6 frat boys, a couch, and a couple laptop computers hardly constitutes a good tailgate. I don't know why you can't take the hint. Look around you. Look at the dedication from true tailgaters, look at the crowds they draw, look at the assortments of food, the lawn chairs, the TV's, the fun. And your attire is a complete disgrace. You have tailgaters who wear bags on their heads, pajamas, and some don't wear shirts. Your tailgating spot belongs more behind your house with the SAE dumpster than it does near the baseball field.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Stumpy's Bear said...

I couldn't agree more.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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