Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wahoo Wha?!?!

So the is reporting that since it looks like UVA will not be able to sell its allotment for the Music City Bowl in Nashville, Wahoo fans can buy tickets and donate them to the military. As a member of the Army who lives in the Nashville area, let me express my personal disgust with this information. First, UVA weasels its way into a bowl that should have been the greatest coming home from Iraq present a Jacket fan could dream of and now you are telling me that since they cannot sell out the tickets they promised to sell, you want to give me a ticket for free?! Georgia Tech is donating tons of tickets to service members in the San Francisco area. UVA got into this bowl because they promised to bring more fans from the Piedmont than we could bring from Atlanta. If the Music City Bowl had not been so stupid as to believe this garbage, I could be celebrating my return from a war zone in style. Even if GT had not been able to sell out its allotment, (highly doubtful given the pre-MCB hype) a program like the one now in effect for the soldiers of the Bay Area in the Nashville Area would have at least given me a free ticket! Now they kick my team out of a bowl they deserved more, fail to live up to their promises, steal an idea for donating tickets from my Jackets, and then expect me to gratefully accept their charity and wear Wahoo orange while I'm at it? Give me a break. If UVA was going to welch on its promise to a bowl they might as well have done it in San Francisco.


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