Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Portrait of a Superfan, Part 2

Today we will look at another aspect of the Georgia Tech Superfan. Yesterday we discussed the plumage and markings of Superfans that help us identify them. Today we will discuss another important factor for identifying Superfans, their habits.

  • The habits of these special creatures are the sum of their background up to the point of becoming a superfan. Most superfans are out of college, normally in their late twenties and early thirties. Since most Georgia Tech fans are either graduates, relatives of graduates, or unlike our neighbor to the northeast, literate, this focuses the population of Superfans in the aforementioned age range. That is not to say there are not older superfans, but being a true superfan also normally requires a lack of any true responsibility in the non-Georgia Tech sports related world.
  • Most superfans were not the coolest kids in high school so their time at Georgia Tech, while difficult, was undoubtedbly the most fun they have had in their lives up to this point. This experience created a strong link between that leads to severe nostalgia once the euphoria of graduating/dropping out has worn off. This nostalgia, coupled with a job in middle management that allows for lots of free time with internet access at the office, fosters an insatiable appetite for anything related to Georgia Tech on the internet. They know every high school player we are recruiting, every possible coaching change. During the seasons of major Tech sports they are feasting off every word of every article about GT. But then there are the hungry times, most notably most of the month of December, when there is very little happening in college sports and they must rely on the stored fat from the previous season. Superfans are especially drawn to stories of Georgia Tech's glory days. One mention of Georgia Tech during the Heisman Trophy presentation can normally feed a Superfan for a week.
  • Most groups of GT alumni friends only have one or maybe two superfans. This is because there is normally only one or two guys in a group of friends that got that ridiculous, "Office Space"ish job where nothing actually takes place. Normally the role of the superfan in this group is to attempt to fire his group or tribe up about the most miniscule piece of Georgia Tech sports information that is probably just a rumor anyway. When the response to his calls for enthusiasm is not deemed sufficient, the superfan will send out a group email, normally after reading some feel-good piece about GT football under Dodd, and scold his flock about their lack of dedication and demand that they commit their lives to the Golden Tornado. While this is normally met with only transitory acclamation from the rest of the tribe, even this flash of enthusiasm by the rest of his clan will help make the Superfan feel more at ease and assuage those feelings that "maybe he is taking this stuff a little to seriously."

There are of course other habits, but most of them revolve around other attributes and will be discussed in later editions. Please join us tomorrow when we will talk about the habitats of these prized creatures.



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