Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What is with all the Bulldog Love?

Normally I reserve my critical posts for hypocrisy or problems I see with the game of college football as a whole, avoiding attacking one particular team, except for one time where I let a friend rant about Notre Dame. I do not believe I have ever made a post directly attacking our in-state rival, the University of Georgia. Before the Dawg Patrol comes out en masse against me, let me say this is not a flame, it is really just a question.

What is with the love for the Bulldogs this year?

I thought about this tonight as I watched yet another UGA love-fest on CSS where they interviewed some defensive lineman and did actually a nice bio piece on the kid. Then I thought about the full page spread on Matthew Stafford in the AJC a few weeks back after they put him in the game for the first time after Joe T 3 was injured. Then I watched their game against Ole Miss last weekend (honestly the first time I had watched them play this season), and was perplexed by their #10 national ranking. This team struggled against Colorado, seems to have some quarterbacking and general offensive issues, and has the Volunteers coming to Athens this weekend. It would seem they have some serious problems, but I have only read one columnist who mentions that they might be overranked.

Where does this free pass for UGA come from? Why is no one talking about how they have the potential to be seriously exposed this weekend? Why is everyone talking about Cox, Stafford, and Tereshinski as if they provide options to St. Richt instead of headaches?

Before the legions of mutts overload the server responding with infuriated tidbits or with simply "51 - 7", please hear me out. I may be alone, but I don't sit around all day hoping UGA will lose every game. It simply does not matter that much to me. There are more than enough recruits in this state for their to be two nationally relevant football programs and I think a little parity is healthy for the rivalry. I like that our game means something. I am honestly curious about the state of UGA football.

The Bulldog defense is playing well, but I have been a Tech fan for some time, so I know what it is like to watch a great defensive team with no offense to back it up. Tech didn't get the benefit of the doubt when this was the case for us last year, why is UGA getting it this year? I realize the last few years UGA has been pretty good and maybe they have earned it, but am I totally off base in thinking UGA's national relevance this year might be just a little inflated? -yb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've wondered the same thing, and to be honest, if you ever check out the Blog poll at MGOBlog you'll see that UGA fans are not being delusional. They're ranking their team somewhere around 20 which is where you would expect a team that has been pretty good the past couple of years but has been as unimpressive as you can be in a 5-0 start. But it appears the other bloggers aren't watching UGA play, or even checking the scores to these games. This weekend should tell it all though. Not trying to be a big time UGA hater, but Tennessee is just too strong for them this year.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"51 - 7"

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UGA has clearly been exposed. UT, Vandy, and a near upset at Miss. State. This weekend's game against UF will further show their inadequacies. With a date with Auburn looming in the future, UGA will be luck to be 7-4 by the time they play us...

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