Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ramblin' Wreck Roundtable Pt. 2

Alright guys, after a great first round we have decided to do it again. Check out the other blogs (the links are to the right) to see their responses to this round of questions. These are my answers. If you have others or have different questions you would like to see asked next time, please post. Enjoy, yb.

1. A group of playoff proponents have a questionable theory on how to break out of the bowl system and get a D-1A playoff: Boycott the Rose Bowl. What's your take on the never-ending playoff vs. bowls debate?

Personally, I think one of the reasons college football is so relevant and is so popular is that the debate is never settled. Even if your team gets crushed 39-0, the only thing you can think about is how you are actually better than them because you beat someone who beat someone who almost beat them. Some people might say that the lack of a true champion takes away credibility from the title "national champion", but I would argue that the emotion that underscores college football is created from this turmoil. I want to see traditional matchups. I do not want to see Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. I want to watch Michigan v. USC in the Rose Bowl. After all of the games are done, let each team go to the voters with its body of work. I do think they should get rid of all the non-traditional bowls and restore all of the original bowl names to those who have opted out in favor of corporate sponsorship against tradition. Is Atlanta better represented by a bowl named after a fruit synonymous with the state or by a fast food chain?

2. What change to our football personnel makes you happier this year: Taylor Bennett at quarterback, or John Bond as offensive coordinator?

Taylor Bennett. The system might have some slight changes, but Coach Gailey brought in someone who likes to run and play ball control offense, the passing is going to be even more critical. That is why I like the height and judgement improvements over the staff changes.

3. Last weekend, Steve Spurrier spoke out against South Carolina's practice of flying the Confederate flag over the state capitol. Should football coaches get political like that, or just stick to coaching?

Whether they like it or not, these coaches are molding their young men. They should stay away from areas where they are not willing to be quoted as an influence. I am sure that several of Coach Spurrier's players agree with his statement. Maybe he was doing it for recruiting and put himself out there as in opposition to the State's policy. My only question is whether he was speaking as a private citizen or as an employee of the state. Might need to clarify before coming out publicly against a policy of your employer.

4. There are always rumors at Georgia Tech of expanding our varsity athletics programs. What programs would you like to see added next? One for men, one for women.

This is easy. Soccer. It is kind of a joke that with the conference we belong to and the area from which we could recruit we do not participate in this sport. But let's balance the budget before we go adding more sports.

5. The matchups were just announced for the 9th annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge in basketball, and GT plays at Indiana (the teams' first meeting since 1969). In the history of the challenge, the ACC has won 48 out of 75 games, and has "won" every year. Is this a tradition you care about, or would you rather see something started with another conference, e.g. an ACC/SEC Challenge or ACC/Big East Challenge?

I like this, but I wish it were held more as an event at a rotating site. I actually would like this for football with the SEC every year (not counting UGA/GT, FSU/UF, or Clemson/SC) as part of the regular schedule, but I think for basketball it is better if they play all the games in a weekend and go back and forth between a city in Big Ten and ACC parts of the country. Making it more like a tournament would make it mean more to most people, especially when they are in an unfamiliar matchup that might not draw the crowds.

6. Lightning Round!! Other Conferences Edition!! (Cue "The Matrix" fight music) Name the first thing that comes to mind:

Big East: Half their conference doesn't offer football. Why are they still in the BCS?

SEC: Need to work on the regular season schedules. You can't play LA Tech every year.

Big Ten: More like Big Two. Either play everyone in the conference or split in half and have a championship. Quit screwing up the polls.

Pac-10: Joke except for USC. Respect that they at least play everyone in the conference.

Big XII: South is awesome, the North needs to step it up and make this a real conference. What is the deal with Texas A&M? Were they actually ever good? I am starting to think that was an urban legend.

Sun Belt: Take the OVC, MAC, C-USA, and WAC and go to D-IAA where you belong.


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This WAC conference that you want to relegate back to Div IAA just finished the season by beating the Big XII Champion. Get a life.

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