Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Georgia Tech Football News in January?

Just when you thought it was over, GT football is back in the news again. I personally put the AD situation in the football arena since basketball is in such capable hands with Coach Hewitt and the frontrunners for Braine's replacement all seem to be football-first kinds of guys. Then there is the resigning of two Tech coaches, most importantly Coach Wilson, special teams coach and recruiting coordinator. That is two GT football related stories in January. We might as well had been in a BCS bowl game.

I will first address the coaching situation. I hate to say it, but good riddance. Special Teams were awful this year. Someone had to go. If it was voluntary, then Mr. Wilson, you have class. If not, then Chan, way to make something, anything happen. I don't understand the deal with the offensive coordinator thing, I wish Chan would take back the two minute offense and let Nix work in where he can, but I will accept this scrap for now. Tight ends coach I could care less about, I hope Chan didn't put any pressure on him to leave thinking it would appease the fan base. There is only one or two things that would get the hive swarming again, a new offensive coordinator or...

A new Athletic Director. The replacements for Braine have all been listed and debated at length, but I would like to formally throw the weight of this publication behind one man, Bill Curry. Coach Curry's achievements are numerous and his qualifications extensive, so I will not list them all here. Let me just say that I believe this guy bleeds white and gold, something I think Braine was lacking. Most people will acknowledge that the one improvement that could have been made to the athletic association very easily but was never implemented for whatever reason was a first class marketing agenda. I believe the reason behind this is because Braine never got tears in his eyes at the last home game of a football season. Braine did not seem to be the kind of guy who would gush about Georgia Tech every chance he got. To me, Curry is a true believer, someone we need at this stage. Our facilities are no longer some of the worst in the country. More national prominence would be nice, but our national awareness is there. People have heard of us. At this stage in the life of our program, we need someone with the national prestige of Mr. Curry's caliber to come in and take us to the next level. We do not need a cheerleader, but would it hurt us so much for recruits and outsiders to see someone like Mr. Curry who loves this institution so much? Mr. Curry would be the most well known athletic director in the country. His departure from ESPN would make national headlines and create national anticipation for the direction of our program. People know Bill Curry. When Bill Curry leaves broadcasting to take over a school like Georgia Tech, people are going to be paying attention, mark my words.

Some would knock his credentials. But I believe that there are some leaders who do not need to necessarily know how to do everything as long as they have the self-awareness to appoint good people around them who can handle those areas in which they might not be as strong. I am sure there are others out there who are just as qualified as Mr. Curry and share equally his love for Georgia Tech. Mr. Stansbury, you seem like a stud. Mr. Curry probably only will be in this job for about 10 years. We would love to have you run our Athletic Department. Please come on board as Bill's aide de camp and prepare to take the job you seem to have been born for. I am all in favor of giving the young guy a shot, but I am even more in favor of giving the guy who has dedicated his whole life to Georgia Tech a chance to live his dream and bring GT back to glory while you learn the ropes in anticipation of your incredible reign to follow. It will take humility, but great things come to those who wait. An athletic department after 7 years of Bill Curry's lovefest will be a much more desirable inheritance than that which you will receive now. Give the old guy his chance, yours is coming.

Sorry I have not updated for a while. I am getting married in April and being out of the country for a while has left a few things on my plate to take care of in anticipation of the upcoming. I will try harder to keep this site updated in the future. Thanks for your loyalty -yb


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That picture of the sky line beyond the stadium looks doctored, no? There's no way the Bank of America building (and the few others pictured) tower over Atlanta like that.

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