Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am sorry

To all of my readers who have been devotedly checking this site for updates, I am very sorry. Between getting my life in Clarksville set up again after a year away as well as getting ready for my wedding in April, I have been swamped. In addition, as anyone knows, the best time to work on a blog is at work, and the Army blocks all blog sites, so I have no access to anything but Wreck Ramblin and the Hopefully, I will find a way around our web filter or things will start to settle down and hopefully I can get back on track. Again, I apologize for my inactivity. -yb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No apology needed. Take care of your personal business. We all get busy with the real world (that world that actually impacts us directly) from time to time. GT sports will be here when you find time to get back to regular posting. It only takes a few seconds for us to check if you've posted each day.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Stumpy's Bear said...

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4:19 PM  
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