Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tension is building...

So two new GT previews come out and I get my season tickets all on the same day. If you haven't read the Tech previews on CFN.com and NewsObserver.com, you should check them out. Definitely worth the read. There is another Wreck preview that picks us to win the Coastal. Don't have the link on hand, but it is floating out there and if you know it, please post it in the comments section. The CFN preview is the same old same old stuff we always get from them, but the N & O one is pretty good, if not a little skewed. It is optimistic in some areas and assumes losses where I would think we had a chance, namely Miami. Check it out and see for yourself. Nothing much else to report, I check Wreck Ramblin for my daily updates, I recommend you do too. -yb


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