Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Game

So let me first say that I am glad to be back. Sorry it took so long to update this site, but married life is great and I am finding time in short supply. However, after seeing Tech players live on the Flats after almost a year and a half, I was motivated to write again.

I was down from Clarksville last weekend and had a chance to catch the Spring Scrimmage with a couple of friends. While it was nice to see the boys back in action again, I was on the whole disappointed with the experience.

For starters, I was ezpecting a Spring Game, like other schools (read SEC) have. You know, game clock, refs, announcer, band, the works. UGA has like 40,000 people attend their version of the Spring game. Ours was decidedly low key. When I first walked up to the stadium, there seemed to be a good number of people attending, and I was pumped. Then I walked through the gate and hoped to buy some lunch. Much to my surprise, none of the concessions stands were open. Our scrimmage was really just an open practice. On a table at the entrance to the stadium there was a pamphlet trying to get people to buy season tickets. I think the only people there already had season tickets.

What a wasted opportunity. A "Gold and White" Game would have been an awesome way to fire up a fan base that doesn't know what to think. What was the band doing on a Saturday morning. Get them out there! Cheerleaders, where the heck were you?! This could be such a huge deal and a huge boost for how the fans and outsiders alike perceive our program. As it was, a baby could have slept through the entire practice. Give the fans a free game, give them a real show, and they will not let you down. The entire SEC and a bunch of schools across the country understand this, I hope we figure it out. This is a priority fix for next year, D-Rad. -yb