Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm On My Way to See the Jackets Play!

Wow, only three more days until TML! Goldtimer at Wreck Ramblin has got all your Tech news covered today. This guy is a machine. Look at the time stamp on those posts! Two o'clock in the morning! Goldtimer, if that is what you call "gearing down", "full speed ahead" has got to be insane. You put the rest of us to shame. Glad to see you are back.

This will be my last post until after the game. I have to work this afternoon and all through the night, then I am jetting to Atlanta around noon tomorrow, but not before being promoted to Captain. I am being promoted because I have been in the Army for three and a half years, not because I am special or anything, but it is an honor nonetheless.

With the Notre Dame game so close and with everyone putting up information as to how important this game is, I thought I would join in. This is one of the original posts we ever had on this site, way back when we were broadcasting from an abandoned building on an airfield south of Iraq. It was awesome then and it is especially good to read now. I hope it gets you fired up as you make the final preparations for the opener against the Irish. -yb

From way back to Monday, December 12, 2005...

Ten Reasons to Hate Notre Dame

This is by Mark Zais, a guest YBW contributor, enjoy.-yb

Notre Dame is the devil. I know that it sounds harsh, but there are some of us who believe that Notre Dame signifies everything that is wrong about college football: big money, media bias, and the BCS system.

For years, football fans have been forced to hear about the "rich tradition" of Notre Dame and made to feel guilty for finding reasons not to like the Fighting Irish. From the constant barrage of praise and adoration given by the media and their fans, one almost feels blasphemous or sacrilegious in rooting against them. Listed below are some of the top reasons why I believe that Notre Dame football is undeserving of its sanctimonious status and should be exposed as what they really are, nothing more than an elitist football factory that is far from the image of football purity and righteousness they try to project. (These ten are in no particular order, bad is bad)

1. NBC. I am tired of hearing about the "obstacles" Notre Dame has with recruiting due to their high admissions and academic standards (I will specifically address those standards later as they are an issue unto themselves). If they hadn't already, Notre Dame established itself as a full-fledged football factory when they signed the contract to air all their home games on NBC despite the opponent. By prostituting themselves to football and subjecting the public to perennial matchups against the likes of Navy and Stanford, Notre Dame secured its elitist image and largest recruiting base of any school. It's not out of jealously that I find this disturbing but more because when hard times hit Notre Dame, they immediately point to their "insurmountable" recruiting obstacles. Give me a break. I don't blame other schools for being jealous, though; there is a distinct disadvantage when one school rakes in millions and millions of guaranteed dollars each year no matter how good or bad they are. For everyone else, gaining more money is performance based and means making it to a good bowl game. Plus, Notre Dame rakes in bowl money and doesn't have to share it with other conference members, but that will also be discussed later. Probably the most glaring and insulting display of arrogance between NBC and Notre Dame is presented in the telecasts themselves. Should you by chance be forced to watch NBC because your favorite team is playing Notre Dame or you simply hate them enough to watch and hope for their defeat, NBC goes ahead and makes the assumption that we aren't interested in any other games across the country. While every other telecast has frequent updates or a scoreboard streamer at the bottom of the screen, NBC entices viewers with one or two random score updates in a 3 hour period. Why would you care about what any other teams are doing when you are watching Notre Dame?

2. Lou Holtz. I have nothing against the man personally. In fact, I think he would be an interesting guy to sit and talk to at a bar. I also like his quotes, motivation techniques, and ability to always paint a dire scenario of impending defeat whether he is playing USC or Toledo. That doesn't mean I would invite him to be a guest speaker at an ethics conference. The reason Lou Holtz is on my list is because his tenure at Notre Dame symbolizes the nationwide bias towards the success and sanctimony of Notre Dame. History shows us that throughout Lou Holtz's career he has left a wake of scandal and probation, always managing to get out of Dodge one step ahead of sanctions hitting his school. Every school that has had Lou Holtz as a head coach (NC State, Minnesota, Arkansas, Notre Dame, and South Carolina) has been hit with probation in sequence with his departure. A common theme in the probation verbage has been that his programs have a "lack of institutional control". The poignant issue that I have with all these sanctions is that of all the Lou Holtz schools found to have violated NCAA rules only one was subsequently given an "informal probation", giving them the right to address the issues internally. Which school was that? That's right, Notre Dame! How convenient. If anyone believes that Lou Holtz sandwiched a spell of integrity at Notre Dame with a career of cheating, they are either ignorant or a Notre Dame fan. A book, "Under the Tarnished Dome", has even been written about this period of Notre Dame tradition, which includes one National Championship. In this book, the authors and ex-players make allegations of prevalent steroid use and illegal loans to players. Oh, how pure Notre dame is. There is no difference between Notre Dame and any other football factory, to include Florida State, Oklahoma, USC, or Texas. The only difference is that fraudulent Notre Dame portrays itself as being above the fray. Thank you Lou Holtz for showing us the light.

3. Touchdown Jesus. Nothing highlights the arrogance of Notre Dame football more than Touchdown Jesus. Relishing an image of Jesus overlooking the football stadium is synonymous to the whole football team kneeling in prayer in the end zone and thanking God for allowing them to score a touchdown. Only Notre Dame fans could think that with all the suffering and atrocities in the world, Jesus cares whether or not Notre Dame wins. It is because of this type of blasphemous arrogance that more Notre Dame fans pray for victory than any one else.

4. Academic Standards. I am tired of having Notre Dame's academic standards shoved down my throat. Notre Dame's academic standards are used as excuses for their poor performance and as an example of their "purity" in relation to other programs. I don't buy it for one second. Notre Dame is like any other school: if you're good enough to help the team, you're good enough for Notre Dame. Let me rewind back to the days of my man Lou Holtz who said his biggest recruiting regret was not being able to land Randy Moss who chose Florida State instead of Notre Dame. Lou said Moss was the best high school player he has ever seen. Randy Moss was accepted to Notre Dame and it wasn't due to his sparkling academic record or his admirable high school arrest record. I have no doubt that had he been hurdling defensive backs while wearing the gold helmet, he would have managed to pass his classes. Just as recently as three years ago, the battle for arguably the best high school player in the country, Lorenzo Booker, once again came down to Notre Dame and Florida State. (He chose Florida State). My point is that the Notre Dames and Florida States of the football world are fishing from the same pond and keeping any big fish they catch. As an exclamation point, the list of academic heavyweights that played for Notre Dame include the likes of Tony Rice, Chris Zorich, Ron Powlus, Demetrious DuBose, Ricky Waters, and Jerome Bettis. I don't think any of these guys were on their high school brain bowl team.

Follow the link below to read the entire article.

LLWS Champs from Columbus to Visit Tech

The Little League World Champion Team from Columbus, GA will be visiting Tech sometime in the upcoming weeks as part of their victory celebration tour. Hopefully Coach Hall can start working on some of these guys to put GT in their ears early. Never hurts to get a head start. Sorry to take the focus off the pigskin so close to the game, but I thought this was interesting. Enjoy, yb

From The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer...

Victory lap

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

August 29, 2006

Some Northern players rubbed their eyes Tuesday in an attempt to stay awake as they made their way through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.
It was a long day for the Little League World Champions, who left South Williamsport, Pa., at 7 a.m. They finally walked into the Atlanta airport about 7 p.m., after spending about an hour in the plane on the runway.

'I'm kind of tired,' Brady Hamilton said.

And Hamilton wasn't the only one. Kyle Carter fell asleep on the plane and missed the congratulatory water salute over the plane from the airport fire trucks.

'I didn't get a chance to see the water thing,' said Carter, who went 4-0 in South Williamsport.
But some did have the chance to watch it.

This was just the first stop for Northern. The team will be honored with a parade today. A motorcade will leave the Welcome Center and head down Veterans Parkway toward the Columbus Civic Center starting at 5:10 p.m. Ceremonies will begin at the Civic Center at 6 p.m.
The players expect a big turnout for today's parade. Hamilton is already preparing for the event.
'I know I'm going to have some hand cramps,' he said. 'We will be signing plenty of autographs.'
This will only be the first celebration for the World Champs. Manager Randy Morris said they will also be honored at Six Flags, an Atlanta Braves game, and Georgia Tech in the coming weeks.

'We are still waiting to hear from President (George W.) Bush,' Northern coach Richard Carter said.

Follow the link below to read the entire article.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Other News

I would like to direct your attention to the list of links on the right of this site. You may notice there is an addition, Southeast College Sports by our friend NickGT from the Hive. Please check it out and add it to your list of "sites to read while at work". It is great because it does not have the word "blog" in the URL, so it gets by Websense filters. Seriously, the site is great with information from around the SEC/ACC, I definitely recommend it. -yb

Georgia Tech Has Tenth Toughest Schedule for '06

According to this guy. Follow the link at the bottom of this post to read the entire top 10. -yb

From Sports Central...

Are Ya Tough Enough? (Part 2)

By Jonathan Lowe
Continued from part one.

So now that the lesser-known have had their day, we turn our attention to the big boys of college football. One day, the nation's toughest overall schedules could include a team you only hear about as fodder. But for now, let's stick to the powers that be. So which teams will be kept up late at night thinking about their slate of opponents?

10) Georgia Tech
The Yellowjackets' schedule in '06 starts off with a couple of ends. Bookend contests against Notre Dame (beginning) and at Georgia (end) highlight a fairly intelligent slate. And smack dab in the middle of the collection are works such as Trip to Death Valley, The Blacksburg Experience, and How to Host a Hurricane and a Turtle. This should be one well-read Ramblin' Wreck team.

1976 Tech Victory Over Notre Dame

For those of you who were not alive or do not remember, we won this game without throwing a single pass. For some of you this will be a trip down memory lane, for others it is a very interesting history lesson. Enjoy, yb

From CBS Sportsline...

Beat Notre Dame without throwing a pass? Georgia Tech did it in 1976

ATLANTA (AP) -On Georgia Tech's second series of the game, quarterback Gary Lanier faked a handoff to the fullback, as he usually did, and began running along the line of scrimmage, as he usually did. Then, he tried something he hardly ever did.

He dropped back to pass.

Before the 5-foot-8 1/2, 170-pound Lanier even had a chance to look for a receiver, he was enveloped by Notre Dame's massive defensive star, Ross Browner. On the sideline, Yellow Jackets coach Pepper Rodgers watched with disgust as Browner and teammate Willie Fry celebrated the 8-yard loss.

"They jumped up and started strutting around, like they always do when they sack somebody," Rodgers recalled. "I turned to one of my coaches and said, 'I'll tell you this. We may not win this game, but that's the last time they're going to strut on our field. From this point on, they're going to play against the option."'

That's just what the Yellow Jackets did. They never attempted another pass. On a memorable November afternoon in 1976, Georgia Tech and its wishbone offense won 23-14 over mighty Notre Dame - ranked No. 11 at the time and the team that would win it all the following season - without ever putting the ball in the air.

Follow the link below to read the entire article.

AJC GT Roundup

Normally I let Goldtimer at Wreck Ramblin cover the Macon and Atlanta papers, but as he is gearing down for a while, I will humbly fill in where I can. We here at YBW wish Goldtimer the best of luck and hope he will be able to step it back up soon so that the rest of us will not have to spend so much time reading so many different websites.

The AJC has updated their content and there are several new articles for your perusal. Enjoy ... yb.

"Tech One of Eight to Get All Recruits In" by Mike Knobler and Jeff D'Allesio

"Irish Mysteries Challenge Tech Defense" by Matt Winkeljohn

"Ex-Coach Lewis Returns to Tech with Irish" by Thomas Stinson

"Just Give Calvin the Darn Ball" by Terence Moore

"Tech's Changes Point to 7-5 Again" by Jeff Schultz

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yet another "Our Season Rests in Ball's Hands" Article

I know this is the most cliche GT storyline of the offseason, but at least it is someone other than the AJC telling us we are doomed. If nothing else, it reinforces that Calvin and Coach Gailey still have faith in Reggie. I remember that first Auburn game, when everyone was chanting his name. Those were the days. -yb

From The Star-News Correspondent, Wilmington, NC...

Rise, fall with Ball

By Andrew Jones
Star-News Correspondent

Calvin Johnson may be considered the nation’s premier wide receiver and Jon Tenuta one of the country’s top defensive coordinators, but Georgia Tech won’t reach its goals unless quarterback Reggie Ball finally reaches his potential.

Ball has started 36 consecutive games for the Yellow Jackets, and at times he’s been excellent, engineering wins over Auburn and Miami and two straight over Clemson. But he’s also been horrible, as displayed in bad losses last year to Virginia Tech and Utah and a 41-17 drubbing at Duke in 2003.

Tech has won 21 games, seven in each of Ball’s three seasons, while losing a total of 16. He completed 48 percent of his pass attempts last season for 2,165 yards, 11 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. The athletic Ball has run for more than 1,000 yards and scored nine rushing touchdowns. But he’s a quarterback first, and he’s missed on more than half of his passes the last two seasons and has 37 career touchdowns to 41 interceptions.

So why should Tech fans expect something different this season?“Because Reggie knows what he’s doing,” Johnson said.

Follow the link to continue reading.

SHNS Clemson Preview

This is my second favorite game of the year, and definitely my favorite road trip. The rest of the season for Clemson is previewed if you follow the link, I have posted the Georgia Tech lookahead here. Memorial Stadium is a tough place to play and we always seem to play close games against the purple panthers no matter where the game is, so I am not guaranteeing a victory, but I definitely don't think they will beat us by this much. Enjoy. -yb

From the Scripps Howard News Service...

Good record, but no title for Tigers

Scripps Howard News Service

_ Oct. 21 vs. Georgia Tech: Clemson wants revenge after a 10-9 loss in Atlanta last year likely cost it a division title. Wideout Calvin Johnson is good, but his teammates are mediocre. Clemson 27, Georgia Tech 14

Weis is the Master of Focus

It seems amid all the people telling his players how great they are, Flat-top Buddha still remains focused.

From WSJV - South Bend, IN...

Coach Weis Won't Say Two Words

The Notre Dame Football team is trying to keep away from distractions. When you're the hunted it's not easy. Coach Weis told us today he's keeping his focus on Georgia Tech.Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis said he doesn't talk about future games and he certainly doesn't use two words that everybody else wants to bring up. Alluding to "National Championship", he said the only 2 words he wants his team to be thinking about is Georgia Tech. He said there are a lot of distractions and he wants his players to be thinking of things one game at a time. He said if they don't, "It's pretty simple. We'll get beat."

I don't know about you all, but I can only take so much more of this buildup. Bring on the game...-yb

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Southern Pigskin Prediction: Georgia Tech Will Win More than Seven Games

From's "True or False with B.J. Bennett and Charlie Kay":

Georgia Tech will win more than seven games:
B.J. Bennett - True. Call Chan Gailey whatever you want, just make sure you call him consistent. The Yellow Jackets have won seven games every season under his tenure and have been in a fixture in the postseason. This season Georgia Tech takes the next step forward. There is experience and talent at the line of scrimmage. All five starters return on the offensive line and Joe Anoai and Darryl Richard will lead a talented defensive front. With Miami and Virginia Tech reeling some from personnel losses, it's fair to call this team a contender in the coastal division.
Charlie Kay - True. The experience of Reggie Ball should not be discounted. Sure he has been both up and down but it is rare to have a quarterback with starting experience in the game today, much less one with three years of being the man to his credit. Wide receiver Calvin Johnson is the best player in college football. I don't think Georgia Tech will beat Notre Dame in week one but eight wins should be feasible.

I think Georgia Tech can win at least nine games this year. Check out the rest of the article, some good insight on some of the preseason hype that has been surrounding the SEC and ACC. -yb

Monday, August 14, 2006

Injury Report

From the AJC...

Looks like Darrell Robertson went out in Monday morning's practice. Hope everything will be okay. Wrotto, and Johnson are still out.

On the good side, Calvin is back up to full speed, Mike Cox says he'll be back for Notre Dame, and Jahi Word-Daniels seems to have recovered without losing a step.

Injuries happen, but for the most part, aside from Tongo and Gaston the guys have been able to bounce back and the coaches have been able to give some practice time to guys who we will need to use down the stretch anyway. -yb

Ichabod, Poppy, and Tinkerbell

From the AJC...

Pretty interesting list of all of the nicknames the guys use on our team. I am sure this will provide fodder for opposing fans, but we can just sick the "Duke of Brookwood" on them. -yb

Tech Must Get Rid of Quit

From the AJC...

Brings up some things about last season that might have been the case, but then uses those events to try and make predictions about this season. This is probably going to fire up the Hive. Only a couple of weeks until the Jackets can make Mr. Moore eat his words. -yb

Georgia Tech Football Program 31st Over Last Three Years

According to

31. Georgia Tech
Score: 50.96
2005 Ranking: 49 2004 Ranking: 36 2003 Ranking: 23

Attendance Score: 5.04 (average yearly attendance divided by 10)

NCAA APR Score: 7
Drafted Players: 5 (total over three years divided by two)
Total Wins: 20
Quality Wins: 9
Elite Wins: 2
Bad Losses: 0
Conf. Wins: 5.42
TOTAL: 50.96

Program Analysis: Talk about consistent, Georgia Tech has won seven games in the each of the last four years. There are Elite Wins over teams like Auburn and Miami last year, but there are also strange losses like the ones to BYU and Duke (who each finished 4-8) in 2003. The Draft Score should eventually go up, but the more ACC wins, the higher the ranking will go.

We are ahead of Alabama but behind Southern Mississippi? There is an explanation to their scoring method that I recommend you read before getting too confused about where schools ended up in the rankings. -yb


Monday, August 07, 2006

Great News Day Today

I do not know how many of you were like me today and came to work only to find five new posts on the GT section of, in addition to a post by Mr. Furman Bisher about our new AD, Mr. Radakovich. It is about time we got some press. Maybe the Sports Information Department finally has gotten their acts together and are starting to make sure our voice is heard in Atlanta.

In other news, I would like to say thanks to whomever pointed out that the reason we went with the boxing theme is because the star corner for Notre Dame is also a boxer. If that is the case, then it makes a lot more sense. Don't know if I agree with choosing our whole team poster theme based on a connection like that, but it is at least a lot less random.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Someone please explain this poster. Explain how this instills fear into the hearts of our foes. I am all for the cocky slogan, but the picture and the boxing montage are a bit much. This is silly.

Now for those of you who are just tuning into this blog after my long sabbatical, I am normally loathe to criticize Ma Tech. She stands for all I believe is right in the world, 99.9% of the time. But I have to take exception to this poster. What is the point of it? Do we want to say that if we cannot beat you on the field you had better believe we will take you down in 2 rounds? Are we shifting our recruiting strategy to former street brawlers? What does boxing have to do with football other than in both cases you have to be in relatively good shape and there is a possibility you will get seriously hurt? I guess I would have stuck to showing a still photo of CJ's sick catch in the NCST game, or Reggie holding up the Champs Sports Bowl trophy, or Tashard Choice blasting through the Miami line. We have so many great football moments for every single one of our would-be pugilists, it seems silly to focus on anything but their football glory on a promo poster.

What is even worse is that Tech fans, specifically me were just recently making fun of the slobbermouths for taking a shirts-off photo of their team. What is the deal with this? Are we campaigning to the NCAA to play shirts vs. skins football? I am all for a team slogan and promoting our team, but can it be about our tradition or the talent we have on The Flats this season, instead of how good we look all greased up?

Lets just hope we can move on from this embarassing episode. In the future, lets let the Co-Op department deal with Johnson & Johnson. Thanks to In Dodd We Trust for the photo. -yb

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tension is building...

So two new GT previews come out and I get my season tickets all on the same day. If you haven't read the Tech previews on and, you should check them out. Definitely worth the read. There is another Wreck preview that picks us to win the Coastal. Don't have the link on hand, but it is floating out there and if you know it, please post it in the comments section. The CFN preview is the same old same old stuff we always get from them, but the N & O one is pretty good, if not a little skewed. It is optimistic in some areas and assumes losses where I would think we had a chance, namely Miami. Check it out and see for yourself. Nothing much else to report, I check Wreck Ramblin for my daily updates, I recommend you do too. -yb